Costa Rica Franchising and Franchise Law

Currently, the franchise system is one of the fastest growing business expansion methods in the world. It allows the identification of successful business models that have been able to stand out and grow within a specific market, replicating it in favor of both the franchiser as well as the franchisee. One of the main objectives of the franchise model is to keep the businessmen focused and away from ventures that can put their capitals at risk jeopardizing in many cases their financial reputation.

RE&B Attorneys provides consulting services in the development of franchise models, through a specialized department with certified professionals that are perfectly familiar with the franchise model, not only from a legal stand point but providing in addition an operative, financial and marketing perspective. We are committed to provide an assertive and effective consulting service, supporting all clients in the design and development of their own franchise concept. Furthermore, we provide assistance in the franchise acquisition process, negotiation strategies as well as the start-up of the project once it is completely structured.