Our Team can advise and assist our clients to fulfill the local compliance obligations arising from mergers, acquisitions and concentrations as defined by the Costa Rican antitrust laws. The scope of our work encompasses everything from the preliminary analysis of the proposed local transaction and a review of the possible legal ramifications that may occur in our jurisdiction where the entity do business, to determining compliance strategies before, during, and after the transaction. This approach provides our clients with a broad range of easily-accessible, effective and viable legal solutions.
We help our clients to stay up-to-date on the latest antitrust legislation, and help them create effective mechanisms that prevent them from engaging in monopolistic and anti-competitive practices and/or concentrations prohibited by any applicable laws.

We also provide the qualified analysis of documents related to any acquisitions of control, pricing of products, non-compete agreements and commitments, development of distribution networks, participation in commercial partnerships, franchises and licensing of industrial property rights or any other legal act by means of which companies are centralised and that may require authorisation or acknowledgement of such transactions by the corresponding authority.